Module:  LMCV332

The Coffee (dir. Katherine Webber)

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Stop-Motion Animation: A short comedy about a customer at a coffee shop who keeps ordering coffee to keep herself energized and focused in order to complete her work.

A Fishy Tale (dir. Enna Hobson)

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Stop-Motion Animation: A fisherman goes fishing and reels in a little more than he bargained for (a plastic packet instead of a fish) due to the intervention of a smart mermaid.

Oh No You Wooden! (dir. Jessi Barron)

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Stop-Motion Animation: Tim, the wooden mannequin is excited to be drawn by his artist Becky, but soon discovers that there’s another wooden mannequin, Brody, that he has to compete with. Tim and Brody battle it out, in a comical way, for the opportunity to be drawn, but in the process forget that their human artist does not know they are real.

Yearning (dir. Lara Van Der Walt)

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Sop-Motion Animation: Hearing an airplane pass by, a young girl ponders her desire to travel someplace faraway, despite the reality that she cannot do so right now.

Sour Worms (dir. Logan Campton)

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Stop-Motion Animation: A sour worm gets separated from its family and goes on a journey through candy land to try and find them again.

Uchiha (dir. Marcel Gouws)

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3D Animation & Anime: The story of this short clip is about looking at your inner demons, facing and overcoming them and in turn, turning them into a source of strength. The main character is Yamikei Uchiha.

The Hunt (dir. Simon Venter)

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Stop-Motion Animation: A group of pencils attempt to escape and outwit a predatory sharpener.