Module:  LMCV350

Gone (dir. Simon Venter)

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Psychological Drama & Suspense: A young woman battles isolation and an existential crisis during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Video Adverts (dir. Logan Campton)

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Television Advertising: the student showcases their skill as a videographer through two cinematic adverts - one car advert and one kitchen design advert

The Lockdown Experience (dir. Qhayiya Fela)

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Self-Reflexive Documentary: the purpose of the film is to explore the dynamics that come with living in a world that is faced with a pandemic, the Coronavirus, from the perspective of a student at residence.

Media & Communication Student Design Exhibition and Film Festival Welcome Video

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Welcome to the showcase of our student work and talent.

Locked in Dance (dir. Kris Swartbooi)

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Self-Reflexive Documentary: This documentary film is my personal experience as a struggling and aspiring dancer during the pandemic. My expectations in the beginning were rather naïve and as those expectation were not met, I became aware of the reality of adjustment.

Spinning (dir. Jessi Barron)

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Self-reflexive documentary: A young woman uncovers the pain experienced through her parent’s divorce as a teenager and how, later, this led to a battle with mental health as an adult, all of which she overcame.